Hybrid cloud management at TV4



Basefarm behind the digital scenes at TV4

Thanks to the well-operated digital technology, the Swedish television network TV4 group, makes successful business.

Basefarm is responsible for the IT operation of TV4, which includes TV4.se, the on demand service TV4play.se, the on demand streaming service Filmnet, the pay TV company Cmore and its public internet based services like C Sports. The cooperation between Basefarm and TV4 already began in 2004. Since then, the technology development has developed rapidly and new TV formats require new adaption of technology. The interaction between the TV program formats, web and associated services is business critical, as it must operate in a way that drives the business forward. According to Per Åström, Technology Manager, Digital Media at TV4, it is essential that the digital technology is well-operated in order to make successful digital business.

Business development and hosting are related to each other

“Web operations and web hosting has changed a lot the last years. Today this is highly related to business development. To get the services to be up and running 24/7, it is impossible to see operations and development as two separated departments or services. Developers need to understand operations and the operations team need to understand development. To make this cooperation close, we let the dedicated operations staff and TV4’s developers share desktop once a week. It gives us an overview, we learn from each other and understand each other’s challenges and conditions to get the best possible circumstances for technology," says Per Åström.

Operations responsible in the cloud

“Cloud services should be part of the infrastructure and organization to be implemented correctly. It is a great safety to have one single hosting provider that takes the overall responsibility for the entire operations with escalating, case management and error handling, whether incidents occur in its own services or from other suppliers. It is something we value a lot as it improves the quality of what we deliver and develop. We get a lot easier handling of everything related to the hosting of our web platforms at TV4.se and TV4play.se," says Per Åström.

All digital platforms must work together

The interaction between the TV program formats, web and associated services is strong today. Especially for larger broadcast television it is especially important that the services are up and running – regardless of the platform the viewers are using.   

“To make this work you need the knowledge to see the services not only from a web perspective, but also from a business perspective. Otherwise we will loose the fight of the viewers. We often say that our business logic is at Basefarm and we rent muscles where it suits us best. I also appreciate that we have a high level of flexibility in the contract with Basefarm, which gives us the opportunity to increase or decrease capacity according to our needs," Per Åström continues.

“We cannot agree on how our operating environment will look like in several years. But we want to take full advantage of the services that are emerging and what we develop by ourselves. That is possible together with Basefarm," says Per Åström.