SBAB saves 7 million seconds


Basefarm’s stable cloud and managed services shorten SBAB’s response time for their most business-critical system by 7 million seconds. “We appreciate Basefarm’s professionalism, their operational delivery and their focus on innovating the business,” says Jan Stenkvist, Senior Vendor Manager at SBAB, answering the question why SBAB is deepening their collaboration with Basefarm.

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Challenged SBAB’s architecture

In 2014, SBAB was looking for a new managed service provider to manage their web papplications. During the procurement process, Basefarm challenged SBAB’s existing IT architecture. This daring move made SBAB, Sweden’s fifth largest bank, switch to a more cost-effective and resilient platform, supplied and managed by Basefarm. One of the most recognizable changes was the possibility to free-up time and resources for development, alongside being able to meet their customers’ demands even better.

“Basefarm caught our attention when we were searching for a fast-paced and innovative supplier with a quick response time to change,” says Jan Stenkvist. He continues, “Basefarm has exceeded our expectations. That’s the reason behind the decision to let them manage a business-critical system as well.”



From daily interruptions…

Previously, SBAB was comprised by performance issues in one of the most important IT-systems at the bank: the Credit Preparation System. The system is used by customers to apply for a loan through either the website, or one of SBAB’s 150 customer service administrators. The performance problem required a proactive restart – every day. The administrators and the customers had to wait for more than 10 seconds before the system responded, which was unacceptable.

… to operational stability

After moving the system to Basefarm the system response time was noticeably shortened. Today, the system has complete operational stability, allowing SBAB to focus on optimizing their processes and customer service, instead of rebooting systems.


The art of saving 7 million seconds per year

SBAB can easily track, both time- and cost wise, how much an improved operating stability saves them. The partnership with Basefarm saved SBAB 7 seconds per credit action, since average response times were forced down from 10 to 3 seconds. This was an improvement of over 200%. Counting all the time that was saved by the 150 administrators, we’re talking 7 million seconds, or almost 200 hours, per year.

"Basefarm works with dedicated customer teams who continuously suggest improvements and changes in customer operating environments. SBAB’s credit assessment system is a clear example of how big of a difference the right supplier can do for your customer experience"
Martin Wadman, Customer Success Manager at Basefarm



Improved customer experience and reduced stress

On top of the fact that the administrators can respond more quickly to customers, shortening the waiting time for customers, SBAB also testifies to an enhanced customer experience. Improving the stability of the IT environment lead to less stress and frustration, and an improved work environment at the office. These soft values are more difficult to measure than time and monetary improvements, but they still give a very positive effect for the entire company.

"We need innovation and proactivity from a supplier that can help us optimize and improve our IT systems and their cloud solutions. In this case, Basefarm has proven that they are at the forefront of their industry. They have a well-functioning service and opportunities for continued optimization, so we are happy to deepen our partnership with Basefarm."
Jan Stenkvist, Senior Vendor Manager, SBAB


SBAB – Sweden’s most satisfied mortgage customers

SBAB was founded in 1985 and is a government-owned company that offers loans and savings to individuals, housing associations and real estate companies. The company currently employs 450 people. According to the 2014 and 2015 Swedish Quality Index (SKI), SBAB had the most satisfied mortgage customers in Sweden.


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