Secure payments with Payex


Why PayEx chose Basefarm to help build and run their PCI DSS operational platform

PayEx needed to design, build and run their state of the art Nordic payment solution catering robustness, flexibility and cost efficiency. The platform needed to be PCI DSS compliant as it exchanges, processes and stores huge amounts of card data and financial information. The solution is mission critical and margins and reputation are built over time, by delivering payment services with high quality, competence and value. They needed a secure and stable environment and a partner with solid systems for operations and interaction, as well as an “advisor” regarding technology.

Basefarm designed the platform in close collaboration with PayEx. Since the PCI solution went live in the summer of 2011, it has now passed 300 million transactions with excellent performance, peaking at around 1.3 million transactions per day. PayEx use Basefarm actively and proactively in decision-making regarding the environment and other challenges related to technology.

Stable operation and professional advisor

  • "Reduced availability means loss of income and damaged reputation. We have chosen the solution and the hosting partner most suited to prevent this, and who can guarantee high availability. The final solution delivered was better than the one we designed ourselves, says Lars Marlow Krosby," CIO PayEx Group.
  • "In addition to ensuring stable operation, Basefarm is also sparring partner and advisor to us regarding introduction of new technology and expansion of the platform," says Lars Marlow Krosby.

Challenges in staying PCI DSS compliant

The PayEx Nordic payment platform needs to be agile enough to roll out new services and scale well as traffic increases and ever-new threats evolve.

  • "PayEx is one of the fastest growing players in the Nordic online payments market. High availability and performance is Alpha and Omega for us and our customers. Nothing else is as important! The same way PayEx customers found their experts in handling their payments," says Marlow Krosby.
  • "PayEx have found a very professional and trustworthy hosting partner in Basefarm. With ever increasing volumes and higher demands on availability, working with Basefarm feels secure," Says Nicklas Molin, Business Area Manager Team Merchants, PayEx Solutions.

Basefarm’s PCI DSS platform

Learning a lot from this customer specific design, Basefarm has designed and built a PCI DSS platform that allows customers to plug into the platform and secure their transactions and let Basefarm make sure, and take responsibility for that everything works. The Basefarm PCI DSS platform is Level 1 compliant and undergoes an annual on-site security audit, quarterly network scans and validation by a qualified security assessor (QSA) and approved scanning vendor. The Platform of course adheres to all requirements in the compliance framework. This basically means that customers, for a monthly fee, may use the platform for the parts of their solution that falls within compliance requirements. Basefarm is the only hosting provider in Norway and Sweden and one of few in Europe listed as a Visa Merchant Agent in this category.

Experts in PCI DSS compliance operations

Basefarm in an expert in PCI DSS compliance operations on Level 1 and the leading managed service provider with efficient and reliable systems for managing infrastructure platforms and applications. The company has a proven track record in running mission critical systems. The secure datacenters are built and maintained according to ASHRAE Environmental Guidelines for Datacom Equipment and Basefarm are standardized in ”Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers” (TIA-942). Basefarm completed the ISO 27001 certification and ISO 14001 certification in 2013. Since 2013, Basefarm are also a member of the global security organization