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The Norwegian Customer Barometer measures how satisfied Norwegian consumers are with different companies. Flytoget (the express airport train) is consistently ranked among the top five companies year after year in the barometer. Keeping this top position is increasing expectations and demands on both Flytoget and its suppliers, one of which is Basefarm a partner for critical IT operations since May 2014.

“When our own server park was ready to be replaced, we had an important choice to make”, says CIO Toril Dyrkorn. “Should we outsource, or invest in new equipment, additional operational competence and extensive safety measures? We chose the former.”

When your business relies on well-functioning IT

Today, a lot of companies rely on well-functioning IT. Flytoget is no exception – there’s no room for mistakes. In 2013, the company reviewed their IT situation and found that a lot more work was needed besides the more regular hardware and infrastructure updates.

“We chose to outsource parts of our IT operations to Basefarm, instead of investing in additional equipment and IT expertise.”
Toril Dyrkorn, CIO Flytoget

“We have really upped our IT security focus, especially when it comes to handling personal data and payment transactions. PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) will be the leading key word in this work. Previously we managed this inhouse, but we lacked knowledge when it came to prevention and operational services. In addition, we wanted to be more prepared for unwanted and unforeseen events,” says IT Operations Manager Odd Kristian Auestad.  

CIO Dyrkord explains that Flytoget doesn’t have a separate IT strategy. “It’s integrated with the business strategy,” she says. The IT department consists of eight employees who mainly work project-based. “We want to stay ahead of our colleagues. When we receive new orders, we want to  have a clear systems architecture and an operating platform that can handle them.”, she continues.

Flytoget has about 70 IT suppliers to keep track of. Since Basefarm is a partner for IT which is critical to the business, they collaborate closely with several of these third-party providers.


Stable, yet flexible

“I feel way more secure knowing that our operation is stable and safe when a partner with this much experience and expertise is handling it,” says Auestad, adding that Flytoget has got a dedicated customer team at Basefarm. “Another positive aspect of outsourcing is that a large proportion of fixed costs have become variable.”

“It gives you a sense of security to have a partner with sufficient capacity and expertise.”
Odd Kristian Auestad, IT Operations Manager

“We don’t sell tickets. We sell the journey,” Auestad continues. He adds that the sales systems are operated by Basefarm, including the ports at the airport. Payment transactions are subject to a strict regulatory framework by the card companies, using the PCI DSS standard, and Basefarm ensures that the airport train is compliant.

When the new Terminal 2 was constructed, Basefarm was active on-site to deploy Xerox’s new ticket and payment system. Basefarm has helped to strengthen the network infrastructure and its safety for Flytoget and has placed equipment at strategic locations which ensures that traffic can always reach the central IT systems.

Flytoget is not only known to be the quickest transportation method between Oslo and the airport, it’s also placed among the top performers in the Norwegian customer barometer. The barometer is the leading customer satisfaction survey in the country and Flytoget has been top ranked no less than five times.


Tough demands on everyone

“Our extreme customer focus means we’re putting quite stringent demands on ourselves. We don’t expect any less of our suppliers, which I’m sure they notice,” says Dyrkorn, looking over at Auestad. “Basefarm is responsible for the central systems in the customer experience. They must work smoothly. No exception,” he replies.

“We have the same requirements for Basefarm as we do for ourselves – to provide top customer service.”
Toril Dyrkorn, IT manager at Flytoget

The shining, aerodynamic airport trains were all the rage when they first appeared  in August 1998. Now, however, new trains are on their way in.

“Yet again we face many changes. With our future-oriented performance and security in place at Basefarm, we’re able to focus on functionality and can continue to have the necessary high development rate,” says Dyrkorn.


About Flytoget

Customers are the drivers behind everything Flytoget do. All company roles are a reflection of the hosts and hostesses on the trainst. It ranges from the staff on the trains, station personnel to the employees that the guests never meet – administrative, logistical and IT staff.

The company’s story begins with the Norwegian parliament choosing Gardermoen airport as the main airport for the capital. They also decided that train should be the main mode of transportation to and from the airport. In 2001, Flytoget became an industry leader by launching ticketless travel. It takes travelers 19 minutes to travel from Oslo central station to Gardermoen with the train travelling at a speed of 210 km/h. Eight new trains have been ordered to complement today’s fleet of 16 trains. The new trains will be able to travel at a speeds of 254 km/h. As of 2015, the government’s new rail reform enables Flytoget to also compete with other train operators on new railway lines, expanding Flytoget’s business opportunities.


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