Farmforce engaged Basefarm to improve their Amazon Web Service experience.

Farmforce, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution simplifies the management of smallholder farmers in real time. Created to solve difficulties in the agricultural industry in developing countries, it has enabled over 150,000 farmers in 25 countries to increase traceability, reach compliance to food safety standards and gain access to formal international markets.

Farmforce uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), and they needed a partner to support their expansion globally. Farmforce transferred their account and service to Basefarm and immediately saw the benefits.

Spencer Morley, Farmforce


“We needed a partner who could support us when issues occurred and also work proactively improving our solution,” says Spencer Morley, Chief Operations Officer of Farmforce. “Basefarm was able to quickly identify areas of improvement and suggested to us how to best configure the server to optimise performance and increase the efficiency of AWS.” 

Growing with a reliable partner 

Farmforce has about fifty clients in twenty-five countries around the world. Agronomists, field staff or farming company employees use the mobile application to track growing and harvest activities, while auditors monitor safety and exporters trace the food. There is great demand for such services which put a strain on their systems.

“We synchronise large amounts of data across areas in the world with thin mobile networks,” Morley explains. “We want to increase capacity and reach. Our company has substantial growth and needed a good hosting partner.”

Farmforce was already using AWS and asked Basefarm to take over management and hosting. Basefarm worked with the developers of Farmforce’s application to make sure everything went smoothly.

“We had no problems at all on the Basefarm side during the technical handover,” says Morley. “It’s important to have a reliable partner.”


Best services and advice 

Hybrid cloud specialist Basefarm is a Global Channel Reseller with AWS, allowing them to provide top-notch end-to-end service for their customers’ mission critical applications. Basefarm can provide advice and access to AWS’ broad range of services such as infrastructure, core and platform services, technical and business support, administration, automation and monitoring. This can provide major benefits far outside of IT departments – even to farmers in West Africa.

Farmers have a precarious livelihood with incomes dependent upon local weather and global commodity prices. Those in developing countries have additional worries because previously they have not been part of major networks. Now with Farmforce the smallholder farmer gets a safety net while international buyers get food safety assurances. With Basefarm’s help Farmforce can continue to grow and provide their valuable services.

“Our Basefarm contact is a great guy,” Morley says. “He gives the support we need and is proactive and helpful. I appreciate Basefarm’s professional and dedicated work.”


About Farmforce

Farmforce has been created to help smallholders gain access to formal markets and improve the effectiveness of outgrower schemes.

Formal markets can increase the number of potential buyers for smallholder produce but these markets require traceability and compliance to food safety standards; something which has traditionally been challenging and time consuming.

Farmforce is helping to change the game by using mobile technology to make traceability and compliance an integral part of smallholder production and to redefine the relationship between growers, manufacturers and markets.

 Farmforce AS is a for profit technology start-up based in Berlin and Oslo.  With its widely available services, Farmforce AS aims to spread technology to help small farmers earn more.


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