Hybrid cloud for peak loads at Destination Gotland


Application: Online booking

Destination Gotland is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rederi AB Gotland. On behalf of the Swedish government, they operate the ferry services between Visby, Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn.

Destination Gotland’s ferry service is one of Europe’s most modern maritime traffic system, consisting of four fast-speed vessels. Approximately 1.6 million passengers are transported on an annual basis, as well as 480,000 cars and 714,000 meters of goods. During the summer season they make up to 18 trips a day. Destination Gotland has its headquarters in Visby and has about 400 employees.

Read more at: http://www.destinationgotland.se/sv/om-oss/om-oss/destination-gotland-ab/

The challenges: reliable expertise that would never fail

  1. During peak season, it is absolutely crucial that their booking systems work. The ferry service affects the entire island of Gotland and all their inhabitants.
  2. They were looking for expertise and experience in managing and operating booking systems.

The solution: 24/7 application management on top of an hybrid cloud solution

“The technical solution is based on an hybrid cloud solution with both Basefarm private cloud and MS Azure. This combination means that Destination Gotland has a guaranteed capacity and flexibility to quickly scale up or down depending on their current performance requirements. The service environment is built to handle both the website www.destinationgotland.se and the booking system that is used to manage the passenger and cargo occupancy of the ships. “We are very happy that we have earned Destination Gotland’s continued trust,” says Sara Murby Forste, Country Manager & SVP Marketing, Basefarm.

The delivery is in collaboration between Softronic, who handle development; Hogia Ferry Systems, who supply the booking system Bookit; and Basefarm, who are in charge of the operational side of the project. The partners have a well-defined cooperation and responsibility matrix in order to ensure a 24/7 operational safety for Destination Gotland.

“Destination Gotland operates year-round traffic and is a huge, integral part of Gotland. Our traffic and service system contributes to ensuring that Gotland is a well-functioning island to live on, to visit and to conduct business on. Accessibility via our website is extremely important – at the end of the day, our functionality affects all of Gotland. We immediately felt safe in placing this responsibility on Basefarm,” says Iain Robertson, System and IT Manager, Destination Gotland.

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