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Meet Senghan Bright

Senghan Bright
Senior Technical Engineer

Looked for new opportunities in another country

In my daily work I provide technical solutions for our customers. One of the most enjoyable aspects is the ability to gain an insight into how some of the major names in the IT world operate behind the scenes. Every day is a new challenge; the job entails developing a close working relationship with customers in greatly differing fields, finding solutions that meet their requirements.

My background is mainly in software development, and through that I already had close friendships and business relationships throughout Europe. When an acquaintance who worked at Basefarm informed me of what Basefarm did, and that there were job openings here, it sounded perfect. I'd spent a summer in Stockholm in my youth, and was already familiar with the city. It was always going to be a difficult choice to move to a different country, but I felt that enough things were going to fit into place, and I'm really happy that I got this opportunity.

My first impression I got as a new employee was that everyone was really friendly and helpful. When you move country, you're typically leaving your entire social group behind and have to start fresh. For anyone in this situation, it is important to feel that you are a part of things going on around you. Today, the trend has continued and I'm now one of many people that have moved from other countries to work at Basefarm. I think we all agree that it's a friendly environment with colleagues that will go out of their way to help with the transition to life here.

How well you adapt to working in a new country is a combination of how much you immerse yourself in the social life, the culture and nature of business. How you feel and make new friends it is all up to you. It has helped me a lot that my colleagues always have been helpful and I have actually already recommended Basefarm to a friend who was interested in working abroad.