Big Data Intro-Webinar!


Big Data has become a buzzword over the last years. It is not just a stand-alone term but rather a combination of many aspects to reveal a whole picture.

You might ask why Basefarm in particular is hosting a webinar about Big Data?
We have been a managed service provider of mission critical solutions for years, and are now expanding our business with our acquisition of the German company “The Unbelievable Machine Company”.

Our Big Data expertise is relevant and interesting for a lot of industries - both in operational, developing and “ideation” perspective.
We have reference cases like Deutsche Post, Gebr. Heinemann, Audi, Deutsche Welle, Delivery Hero, Metro Group and Parship.

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In this session you will get an inspiring intro-webinar where we evolve Big Data possibilities presented by Chief Evangelist, Klaas Bollhöfer.
The webinar is for everyone, and you do not need any knowledge about the topic before the session. The session will be in English.

At the end of this session you will have a fundamental understanding of what Big Data is, the challenges that comes with it, why you should start looking into it in 2018 and last but not least – how you can turn your data into business opportunities.




Big Data Chief Evangelist - Klaas Bollhöfer

Klaas Bollhöfer has acted as the Chief evangelist of The unbelievable Machine Company, a Basefarm company, for more than 5 years now, and is pioneering data science in Germany, Europe and beyond. At the interface of business, IT, artificial intelligence and design he develops cutting-edge strategies, spaces, services, teams and sometimes escape routes, and describes himself as a for-, side- and backward thinker. Besides that he is founder and managing director of Birds on Mars, a Berlin-based consultancy exploring and developing the intersections of human and artificial intelligence. The time left is filled with lightning talks, guest lectures, program committee chairs and craft brewing. Klaas is a certified Scrum master, design thinker, mediator and coach and will never stop being curious.



Basefarm announced their acquisition of the Berlin-based The unbelievable Machine Company (*um), the leading service provider for Big Data, cloud and managed cloud services in Germany and Austria.

With the acquisition, Basefarm extends their target market from the Nordics and the Netherlands to include Germany and Austria, thus becoming a leading European player. The combined business will have ~100m€ in revenues this year in addition to a wider service offering. Services will range from cloud hosting, security and managed services, to Big Data services, giving customers additional and more business oriented service options.

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