Basefarm will change the game with Microsoft Azure Stack


The long-awaited Microsoft Azure Stack is finally out of technical preview. Basefarm’s offer Azure Stack as a Service, will help you get the best of all worlds with hybrid cloud solutions.

There is a lot of excitement about Azure Stack, and for good reason. Many organizations have been unwilling or unable to migrate to the cloud because of concerns about the location of their data and applications. Azure Stack is a solution consistent with the Azure cloud platform, but can be locally hosted, so this is a major opportunity to reap the benefits of cloud solutions.

Local data, global solutions

One of the biggest benefits is keeping data local. Finance, health and government organizations may need to use local data centers because of regulatory requirements. According to the GDPR personal data can only be transferred outside the EEA when an adequate level of protection is guaranteed, so Basefarm’s Azure Stack as a Service can be useful here as well.

There are other possible reasons to look at Azure Stack. Companies might have latency issues and need some applications local. Other companies see Azure Stack as a way to modernize their existing applications.

We can help many organizations use this solution to take their first steps into the public cloud. They can deploy locally in Azure Stack but develop and test in the public cloud if they prefer.

The glorious hybrid cloud

This service will not only be combined with Basefarm’s mission critical operations, but also with hybrid cloud solutions to enable our customers’ need for agility and modern devops. These hybrid cloud solutions are our specialty.

There are many hybrid scenarios, such as having part of the applications in Azure Stack and services in the public cloud for special purposes. For example, if you integrate with several external partners, you can benefit from using the integration services in the public cloud. Other examples could be scenarios for IoT and Big Data purposes.

Being able to offer the benefits of the public cloud in our own datacenter is critical for us to be at the front of this fast-evolving world together with our customers. Azure Stack as a Service will provide us with the necessary platform to be at the center of our customers’ digital transformations.

Azure Stack will be available from Basefarm during the fall. You can read more about what is being launched on the Microsoft blog post.

About the author
Geir Morten Allum worked at Microsoft for ten years, about five of which was spent developing cloud solutions. He joined Basefarm in the spring of 2017.
Geir Morten Allum, Senior Cloud Architect, Basefarm, +47 9305 0379



Basefarm is collaborating with Microsoft to provide Microsoft Azure Stack as a Service. This strengthens Basefarm’s ability to provide one of the best hybrid cloud solutions to their clients.



- Azure Stack is Azure public cloud services delivered from our own local datacenter. It is made up of dedicated hardware delivered by Microsoft certified partners such as HP/Dell/Lenovo based on Microsoft specifications.


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Azure Stack is turnkey hybrid cloud platform providing a subset of Azure public cloud services in a local data center. 

Basefarm offers this platform ‘as a Service’ to the customers who wants to speed up their digital transformation and enjoy the benefits of public cloud without being challenged on regulatory requirements, data sovereignty or latency.