Basefarm and SYSCO win major agreement at the heart of the Norwegian power supply


(Oslo, 15 October 2019): Elhub enters into a five-year contract with its partners Basefarm and SYSCO for the IT operation, monitoring and security of Elhub. The contract value is in the order of NOK 130 million.

Elhub AS operates a national IT system that supports and streamlines market processes such as power sales, establishment/relocation, cessation and the like in the Norwegian power market, as well as distribution and aggregation of measurement values ​​for all consumption and production in Norway. The company is owned by Statnett SF.

Basefarm and SYSCO have now been assigned the main responsibility for operating, monitoring and securing this central solution for the Norwegian energy industry. The tender was divided in two parts with business-critical IT operations as one part and top-level Oracle expertise as the other. Basefarm and SYSCO jointly delivered and won the tender, which is worth in the order of NOK 130 million for the five-year contract period.

“We look forward to working together with Basefarm and SYSCO. These are companies that demonstrate competitive Norwegian IT expertise,” says CEO Tor Bjarne Heiberg of Elhub AS.

The current five-year contract expires on 30 October 2020. Business-critical IT operation of Elhub includes the operation of Elhub's own infrastructure. Elhub will handle application operation and maintenance itself. The infrastructure is installed at two data centres. If the installation fails at one centre, the other will take over.

“We will provide Elhub with a high level of network and security expertise in a European and also global perspective. That's why it's a huge achievement for our employees to win the contract in an international competition," says Fredrik Ohlsén, CEO of Basefarm Group. 

Basefarm will, among other things, replace and deliver SIEM as a Service with continuous collection and the extensive data-based analysis of logs to detect undesirable activities from all categories of users. Furthermore, Elhub's solutions for IDS intrusion monitoring and multilayer DDoS security against hackers who might try to overload the servers will be replaced. Basefarm's 24/7 security centre will handle Elhub's operational requests, analyse incidents and implement security measures when needed. 

This huge safety net will be spun around the Oracle technology on which Elhub is mainly based on and for which SYSCO will now have responsibility.

“We are obviously very proud to win a contract like this. At the same time, we are conscious of the responsibility we have been given, and will therefore dedicate a specific team of experts to work exclusively on the tasks at Elhub to meet world-class operational and Oracle requirements. As a system supplier in the energy industry, we know the company, the industry, the solution and the technology very well already, and are therefore confident that we will be a dependable supplier for Elhub,” says Dagfinn Ringås, Group CEO of SYSCO. 


SYSCO is a driving force for digitization and efficiency in the Nordic region and holds a leading position in the energy sector. The company provides products, consultants and services, including a top-level technical environment at Oracle.

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