Azure Stack as a Service



Azure Stack will change the game

Azure Stack is turnkey hybrid cloud platform providing a subset of Azure public cloud services in a local data center. 

Basefarm offers this platform ‘as a Service’ to the customers who wants to speed up their digital transformation and enjoy the benefits of public cloud without being challenged on regulatory requirements, data sovereignty or latency.

Innovate through hybrid applications with Azure and Azure Stack

  • Adopt the cloud on your terms, choosing the hybrid deployment that works best for you
  • Use common processes and tools across Azure and Azure Stack
  • Speed new cloud application development with open-source and community-driven components
  • Get up and running quickly with purpose-built integrated systems

Geir Morten Allum

Senior Cloud Architect - Product Development

"One of the biggest benefits is keeping data local. Finance, health and government organizations may need to use local data centers because of regulatory requirements. According to the GPDR personal data can only be transferred outside the EEA when an adequate level of protection is guaranteed, so Basefarm’s Azure Stack as a Service can be useful here as well."

Pay as you go

Basefarm operates and offers the services on a pay as you go model. Same flexibility to scale up and down as you get in the public cloud.


All services are hosted inside a local Basefarm certified data center.

Basefarm Cloud Connect

Integration with Azure public cloud on Basefarm’s dedicated fiber network.

Legacy application modernization

Parts of your application uses benefits of Azure Stack while other parts are kept as is in more traditional private clouds combined with other Basefarm services.

Cloud broker

Basefarm will act as your cloud broker so your organization can focus on creating
business value.


Make sure your Mission Critical application and solution is up and running, monitored
and kept safe 24/7 with Basefarm Hybrid Cloud operations.


Basefarm offers local support staff and consulting services to get started.


How to use Azure Stack

Expand your local Azure distribution with Azure Stack
Azure Stack video distribution
Adopt consistent application development
Azure Stack video distribution
Run Azure services on-premises
Azure Stack video distribution

Basefarm launches Microsoft Azure Stack as a Service

Basefarm is collaborating with Microsoft to provide Microsoft Azure Stack as a Service. This strengthens Basefarm’s ability to provide one of the best hybrid cloud solutions to their clients.



Basefarm will change the game with Microsoft Azure Stack

The long-awaited Azure Stack is finally coming. Basefarm’s Azure Stack as a Service will help you get the best of all worlds with hybrid cloud solutions.


What is the Azure Stack?

- Azure Stack is Azure public cloud services delivered from our own local datacenter. It is made up of dedicated hardware delivered by Microsoft certified partners such as HP/Dell/Lenovo based on Microsoft specifications.