Webinar - Ready to deep dive into the data lake?


An introduction to Data Analytics platform for data driven enterprises.

In this webinar, we will give you an introduction to big data, data warehouses and data lakes.

We cover what the differences are between a data warehouse and a data lake and how you use them both in order to set up a true Data Analytics platform to support your digital innovation. We talk about the data pipeline (how to get data in your platforms) and data governance and at the end we go through the 3 different maturity stages organizations are when transforming to more data driven companies.

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Ingo Steins from the Unbelievable machine company

Ingo Steins has been working with data for over 25 years. He started in the 90s with file-based databases, later with relational databases, developed business intelligence solutions. He also developed many internet applications with Java and other technologies. He is responsible for the department "Applications" with the teams Software Development, Data Engineering and Data Science.

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Anna Jäger, VP marketing Basefarm

Anna has a long experience in IT working internationally for 20 years, with sales, product management and marketing. In Basefarm she focus on helping our customers go buy and make the technical solutions easy to understand and share the value of both the people, the processes and the technologies. She is a curious person who enjoys the technical details and transforming it to value. Her motto is “the price is what you pay, the value is what you get” -Warren Buffet.



Basefarm announced their acquisition of the Berlin-based The unbelievable Machine Company (*um), the leading service provider for Big Data, cloud and managed cloud services in Germany and Austria.

With the acquisition, Basefarm extends their target market from the Nordics and the Netherlands to include Germany and Austria, thus becoming a leading European player. The combined business will have ~100m€ in revenues this year in addition to a wider service offering. Services will range from cloud hosting, security and managed services, to Big Data services, giving customers additional and more business oriented service options.

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