IT trends & topics for 2018 (part 2)


What are the main IT- Security trends in 2018? In this second part of the trend list, we take a look at the developments we expect to see in information security and corporate planning. We hope that these topics will give you valuable knowledge that you can use when making strategic decisions for the future. This trend list has been created by the people and the machines at Basefarm together with the Data Analytics Leader of the Year – The Unbelievable Machine Company *um.


7. SOC 2.0 finally comes alive

The principle of the Security Operation Center (SOC) is not only to react to threats and potential attacks, but also to proactively detect and tackle them. So far, in a testing fight between black (threat analysts and penetration testers) and white (security and defense experts). In 2018, grey will be the new black and white. In a world of changing threats and compute-everywhere environments, the old paradigm will be replaced by a grey continuum from block to allow.

8. GDPR keeps everyone busy

Like it or not: The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enters into force on May 25th. Many managers still do not know what the topic means for their company and how they should work on it. But it will certainly be present in 2018 and will take up a considerable part of their valuable IT budgets and team resources.

9. AI is introduced to enterprise security

New, more and smarter cyber attacks will require IT leaders to access an improved arsenal to deal with a new world of highly dynamic uncertainty in 2018. And Machine Learning will become the key technology for predicting, detecting and preventing known and unknown threats of the future.

10. The war for talent escalates

Data Scientists and EngineersData and System ArchitectsAWS, Azure and Google Cloud experts, security specialists and so on – there is a long list of top jobs in the IT industry. And there are endless job listings from corporates, providers and consultants, offering larger than life packages for even the most junior candidates. Are you an expert in any of these areas? Good for you.


We hope that these trends have given you some ideas what to focus on. Read more about Big Data and Cloud Transformation in our first part of the trends and topics.
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