IT trends & topics for 2018 (part 1)


What trends do you need to be aware of in 2018? In this first part of the trend list, we take a look at the developments we expect to see in Big Data and Cloud Transformation.
We hope that these topics will give you valuable knowledge that you can use when making strategic decisions for the future.
This trend list has been created by the people and the machines at Basefarm together with the Data Analytics Leader of the Year – The Unbelievable Machine Company *um.


1. Hybrid, multi-use, and scalable solutions

The cloud transformation is progressing at an incredible pace: Self-scaling cloud native applications will become the new norm in 2018. Skills and technologies like containers, DevOps, and automation – which still gave companies a competitive edge in 2017 – will become absolute must-have essentials.

2. Machines control machines in data centers

Over the course of 2018, predictive analytics tools will gradually merge with the "human factor" in IT infrastructure monitoring and operation. As a result, the degree of scalability – and the speed at which systems can be scaled – will increase; the infrastructures will be more secure and more cost-effective. Machine Learning will be ubiquitously embedded into infrastructure, enabling data centers to benefit from autonomous and self-repairing processes.

3. Compute goes fractal

In the future, compute resources will move away from the data center and closer to the individual end devices that they support. Edge computing will eventually turn fractal, harnessing hidden computing capacities in idling desktop PCs, workstations, and even smartphones.

4. A series-ready IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things has finally reached maturity and will be an omnipresent force in industry from 2018 onwards. IoT-based business models will develop into mission critical applications in the industrial sector, transforming manufacturers into digital service providers.

5. Data infrastructures go global

In 2018, large companies will relocate their major data projects from various local sites into a few global production environments, enabling them to make all company data and algorithmic assets available to even the most remote branches and subsidiaries – while simultaneously reducing their operating costs.

6. Data Science and Business Consulting converge

Business Consulting and Data Science will become best friends. More sophisticated Machine Learning and AI tools and algorithms will open up new opportunities to simulate and optimize business cases and corporate strategies.


We hope that these trends have given you some ideas what to focus on. Read more about information security and corporate planning in our second part of the trends and topics.
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