Basefarm Best Workplace 2018 in the Netherlands


With high marks for employee satisfaction and HR policy, we have been awarded the title "Best Workplace 2018". How did we do this? First of all, by mastering the art of “lagom”...

Great Place to Work® The Netherlands surveys the levels of trust, pride and pleasure within organisations. Every year, it composes a list of nominees based on the answers given by employees to a questionnaire with 58 items, as well as an evaluation of HR policy. Only organisations that score high in both areas are awarded the "Best Workplace" title. It's the first time we have been awarded best workspace 2018.

Appreciation goes both ways

"We are delighted with our first award in The Great Place to Work as a Dutch top performer in our category,” says Chris Jansen, Country Manager for the Netherlands at Basefarm. In particular, he is greatly pleased with the high marks in the employee survey, which accounted for 2/3 of the end score. "With our Northern European background, our goal is always to put clients and employees first. If they are happy, the business thrives. It's fantastic that our people recognise these efforts, are aware of our appreciation for them and have fun working at Basefarm. For me personally, it's a huge source of joy and a privilege to be part of such a competent and motivated team of colleagues. It's simply a Great Place to Work."

At an international level (in the Netherlands, but also in Norway and Sweden), Basefarm's HR team has been working with Great Place to Work since 2013, with the goal of creating a truly great workplace. Earlier, these efforts resulted in top ten listings as Best Workplace in Norway (category: 200-499 staff) for 2016, 2017 and again this year in 2018. The Great Place to Work audit is part of a yearly cycle in our organisation. We apply a structured and systematic approach to the continuous improvement in our employee satisfaction, by asking for feedback, following up on this and always communicating our efforts.


The art of just right amount

What makes a difference for a company such as Basefarm when it comes to employee satisfaction? According to Stephanie Westerling, HR Manager for Basefarm in the Netherlands, the Scandinavian roots of the company play a big part in this. "Our values in terms of family, social interaction and harmony have positive impact on the culture of our organisation and our HR policy." She refers to the Swedish expression “lagom”, meaning the art of “just the right amount ”. "We are ambitious and driven, but balance is important to our employees. We notice that when this is looked after properly, our people are more productive and happy while satisfaction amongst our clients goes up."



Basefarm Greatest Place to Work

We have been working with employee satisfaction in order to improve as an employer for many years now. Since 2013 we do this in a structured way by using the methodology of Great Place to Work (GPW). The method focuses on Trust in Management, Pride in your work and the Relationship to your colleagues.

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