Whitelane and PA Consulting: Basefarm clients highly satisfied

Remote-controlled drones and artificial intelligence checked Avinor’s fences

(Oslo, 16 December 2019): Bane NOR SF has entered into a contract with Basefarm with a framework of approximately NOK 250 million. The contract entails that the next generation of railway control systems will be operated out of Basefarm’s data centres.

Secure choice when MTR chooses Basefarm as operating supplier

Basefarm and the train company MTR Nordics AB, have entered into a collaboration which means that MTR will transfer all its IT-operations to Basefarm.

Norges Bank signs major IT contract with Basefarm

Norges Bank has signed a six-year contract with Basefarm for infrastructure, operation and monitoring of Norges Bank’s platform for systems that are critical to society. The contract value is in the order of NOK 470 million.

Basefarm and SYSCO win major agreement at the heart of the Norwegian power supply

Elhub enters into a five-year contract with its partners Basefarm and SYSCO for the IT operation, monitoring and security of Elhub. The contract value is in the order of NOK 130 million.

Historic data is an insufficient basis for making good decisions

You cannot see the future by looking backwards. That’s why it’s important for Swedish business leaders to take charge of their decisions by ensuring access to up-to-date data. So writes Fredrik Ohlsen, CEO at Basefarm.


According to the Best Place to Work survey in Norway, Basefarm reached 10th place in the category 200-499 employees.

– It means that we have succeeded in dealing with the company’s most important asset; our employees, says CEO Fredrik Ohlsen.

The Great Place to Work is based On two parts; the employee survey Trust Index and the Culture Audit survey. Apart from the fact that it is important for us to be ranked one of Norway’s best workplaces in 2017, the survey creates the opportunity for Basefarm to use the result analysis for benchmarking on a series of criteria in relation to other companies of the same segment and size.

Ohlsen with his 22 years of management experience has taken over the management in Basefarm from founder Grethe Viksaas. He stressed that it is essential for a knowledge-based company to put employees first and foremost, and he believes strongly in an open door policy which every day leads to spontaneous meetings with the employees.

– It’s great to be ranked among the top ten in our category and in this way receiving external benchmarking and inspiration, and it is an important tool to position ourselves as an attractive employer in a market where competition for the best brains is great. To further strengthen our organisation, he says, we are actively moving HR from a staff function to being a business partner for the organisation.

The Great Place to Work survey has been developed based on experience in 60 countries. It is conducted annually and on an anonymous basis gathers data from over 13 million employees. In 2017, 28.000 employees in 191 Norwegian companies took part in the survey.

Basefarm was also among Norway’s top ten best places to work in 2016.

GPW: *um is best employer in ICT sector

The unbelievable Machine Company (*um), German innovator in digital infrastructure, has opened a third competence center in Frankfurt/Main.

Barely weeks after being crowned a winner at the regional competition “Best Employers in Berlin-Brandenburg 2017”, we can already celebrate the next award: Great Place to Work, BITKOM and Computerwoche have named us among the best employers in Germany within the information and communications technology sector.

Now in its fifth edition, the competition honors ICT companies for their particularly high quality and attractiveness as an employer, and the winners were announced at this month’s CeBIT event. Among those honored in the third class size (101–500 employees) was The unbelievable Machine Company. The nationwide competition was once again initiated by the research and consultancy institute Great Place to Work, the digital association Bitkom and the trade journal Computerwoche.

As in previous years, many ICT companies of all sizes volunteered to be evaluated independently by their own employees. All companies – *um included – had previously been honored in their respective regions.

The assessment process was the same as in the regional competitions: Representative employee surveys on workplace quality and employer attractiveness, as well as a management survey regarding beneficial HR measures. The employee feedback accounted for two thirds of the total score. Central topics of the survey included:

  • trust and fairness when collaborating
  • personal recognition and appreciation
  • team spirit and participation
  • career support and development
  • work-life balance

For a company to be honored it required a score at least 30 to 40 percent above the sector average, as well as around 80 percent of its employees testifying that it has a particularly good and attractive workplace culture. *um comfortably made the grade:

  • 99% commended our friendly working atmosphere and feel welcome
  • 90% commended our team spirit
  • 84% commended our fairness
  • 84% called *um a very good workplace

It goes without saying that we are extremely happy about being named “Best ICT Employer” and “Best Employer in Berlin and Brandenburg”. Both honors – and, more significantly, the positive feedback from our employees – give us a real incentive to maintain our high standards in the future.

About Basefarm

Basefarm is a European Managed Service Provider. We create market leaders by integrating the key competencies for digital transformation – big data, cloud computing and information security, into one service offering. Our delivery model covers everything from ”idea to cable”; we provide strategic advice, implementation projects and infrastructure operations under one management and on any cloud. Basefarm was founded in 2000 and our team of 530+ top engineers and advisors are servicing global clients from our European offices and data centres in Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

Basefarm was top ranked in Whitelane’s IT Outsourcing study Nordics 2018 and was recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in the European Cloud Computing Market 2015 for our unique methodology in application management. The unbelievable Machine Company *um, part of the Basefarm group, was named Innovator of The Year 2018 by German business magazine brand eins Wissen and Data Analytics Leader by ISG Provider Lens Germany 2018.

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Improved digital customer experience

Press release: Basefarm’s cloud will take some of the pressure off Ruter’s computer systems as they partner up to make travelling, ticket purchases and using the travel planner a smoother user experience.

Press Release April 11th 2017
Basefarm’s cloud will take some of the pressure off Ruter’s computer systems as they partner up to make travelling, ticket purchases and using the travel planner a smoother user experience.

Ruter recently decided to partner up with Basefarm and let them handle the operations for all IT that is crucial for the business. The contract is for three years with a total value of approximately NOK 24 million and is eligible for renewal with an additional five years. Basefarm specializes in IT operations that are critical for everyday business operations; meaning that the entire business comes to a halt if the computer systems fail. Ruter has a comprehensive and complex structure on their computer systems which requires delicate handling. Starting April 2017, the systems will be transferred step-by-step to Basefarm.

“The contract with our former supplier was about to end. With Basefarm, we want to renew and re-structure our IT-operations. Basefarm will, without exception, be responsible for the computer systems that control the user experience at ruter.no and the apps. The system also controls the information that is displayed at the different bus, metro and train stops,” says Terje Shorhaug, Director of Digital Platforms and Systems for Ruter. He adds: “Basefarm seems to be a safe and secure supplier. They have previous experience with cloud services which is an important key to continuous development of our user services.”

The IT environment that Basefarm is managing is complex, with countless different units; ticket machines, apps, validation units, electronical information signs at the bus stops as well as onboard, WLAN -equipment on depots for up- and downloading data to and from vehicles and communications over the mobile network. Not only is Basefarm assuming responsibility for these areas, they are also in charge of the modernization process of all of it.

“The contract is important for Basefarm, both financially and professionally,” says Øivind Haavik, Senior Account Manager at Basefarm.

“We will re-structure and implement new, user-oriented services, where Ruter is ahead in the technological game. We will simultaneously be taking care of technical operations that need phasing-out, while also maintaining systems on several other technical platforms. We are really getting a chance to show how broad our expertise is,” Haavik says.

There were 319 million onboardings in Ruter’s traffic areas during 2014. This number has steadily increased, and in 2016 there was a total of 350 million onboardings. This means that the number of onboardings increased by over 44 000 every day.

About Ruter

Ruter plans, coordinates, orders and markets public transport in Oslo and Akershus. All operative service is performed by various operating companies that work by contract for Ruter and by NSB with local trains.

Ruter AS is a common management company for public transport in Oslo and Akershus which is owned by Oslo municipality (60 %) and Akershus County Council (40 %).

Read more here: https://ruter.no/en/

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Basefarm offers Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Press release: Basefarm is teaming with Red Hat to provide a hybrid application platform based on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to their clients.

Basefarm is teaming with Red Hat to provide a hybrid application platform based on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to their clients, allowing them to increase the customer’s’ speed of innovation, improve efficiency and optimize applications.

Basefarm is collaborating with Red Hat to provide Basefarm DevOps Hotel – powered by OpenShift – to their clients. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is a more secure enterprise-grade container platform for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

“It is great to see Basefarm investing in our technology to help organizations continue down the path towards digital transformation,” says Ted Schönbeck, senior manager, Solution Architects at Red Hat Nordics. “Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform helps enterprises accelerate innovation in the digital era and the Basefarm solution will help provide organizations, independent of size or maturity, with the ability to get started quickly with DevOps, containers and microservices.”

“With Basefarm DevOps Hotel our customers don’t have to reinvent the wheel,” says Stefan Månsby, VP of Innovation at Basefarm. “Our customers can focus on their business and their end-user experience instead of trying to build the technology and processes. This is a huge time and cost saver for them.”

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is the first and only container-centric, hybrid cloud solution built from the docker, Kubernetes, Project Atomic and OpenShift Origin upstream projects and based on the trusted backbone of the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform provides a more secure, stable platform for container-based deployments without sacrificing current IT investments, allowing for mission-critical, traditional applications to coexist alongside new, cloud-native and container-based applications.

Basefarm’s customers will now be able to accelerate innovation, increase operational efficiency and enable DevOps. A Red Hat-sponsored IDC customer case study report of nine organizations that are using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform as their primary application development platform found that by using Red Hat OpenShift, on average respondents achieved 66% faster application delivery, 35% higher developer productivity and a 38% reduction in infrastructure costs.

“At Red Hat we are passionate about technology and open source as well as collaborating with innovative, forward-looking partners like Basefarm to help us bring our solutions to market,” says Schönbeck. “

Basefarm and Red Hat complement each other in a great way, just like Basefarm’s DevOps Hotel complements our customers. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is a solution for the future and no one knows what the future will bring, but this collaboration helps our customers be better prepared for it.
– Stefan Månsby, VP of Innovation, Basefarm

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Stefan Månsby VP of Innovation, Basefarm, tel. +46 (0)735 26 00 03