Basefarm tops prestigious client satisfaction survey

Whitelane and PA Consulting Nordic survey shows Basefarm is number 1 in Account Management Quality and number 3 in general client satisfaction 

Oslo, Stockholm, April 25th, 2019: Basefarm clients in the Nordic region are very satisfied, results from the Whitelane Research and PA Consulting annual client satisfaction survey reveal. In the Account Quality Management category, no other IT service provider in the region has more satisfied clients. In addition, Basefarm keeps climbing in the general client satisfaction category and has now earned a top three spot.

“We have great respect for the independent Whitelane and PA Consulting survey as it is both professionally executed and measures the most important factor to us – client satisfaction,” Fredrik Ohlsen, CEO of Basefarm, said. “It is encouraging to see that client responses result in improved ranking year on year. Our experts work in close collaboration with our clients and together we are able to design and implement successful digitalization projects. These survey results prove that this way of working is the right way to go in today’s fast-paced business and IT climate”.

Whitelane and PA Consulting surveyed customer satisfaction among more than 330 enterprises. There were 35 IT service providers examined, including several billion-dollar companies. In the Account Management Quality category clients gave Basefarm the best rating (82 %) of all service providers. In the Business Understanding category, Basefarm also received the best service provider rating (78 %) together with Accenture.

One of the strongest trends that the survey results reveal is that service providers in general need to become better at helping clients in their business transformation initiatives.

”Basefarm thinks that it is a fair expectation, as IT and business departments now need to work together more than ever before,” said Fredrik Ohlsen. ”Here, we are dedicated at keep attracting and developing our expertise around AWS, Azure and GCP and how they work in sync with client applications, processes, data and other cloud models. That way we can keep being a truly independent provider that always suggests the most efficient solution to each individual client”.

Looking at the general client satisfaction rating across all categories, Basefarm ranks as number three (76 %). India based Tata Consultancy and USA based Salesforce are the only companies that ranks higher (both get a 77 % rating). The average score across all service suppliers is 68 %, which is the same as in last year’s survey. 72 % of the responding companies say that they expect to outsource IT services to the same extent or more during the coming two years.

About the survey

Whitelane Research and PA Consulting’s 2019 IT Sourcing Study Nordic is an independent client satisfaction survey among more than 330 of the largest IT buyers in the Nordic region. The survey encompasses responses from organizations in all kinds of industries, for example banking, insurance, technology, retail, manufacturing, public sector, logistics and healthcare. The results show the client satisfaction level in nine service categories of 35 IT service providers that operate in the region.

About Basefarm

Basefarm is a European Managed Service Provider. We create market leaders by integrating the key competencies for digital transformation – big data, cloud computing and information security, into one service offering. Our delivery model covers everything from ”idea to cable”; we provide strategic advice, implementation projects and infrastructure operations under one management and on any cloud. Basefarm was founded in 2000 and our team of 550+ top engineers and advisors are servicing global clients from our European offices and data centers in Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

Basefarm was top ranked in Whitelanes IT Outsourcing study Nordics 2018 and was recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in the European Cloud Computing Market 2015 for our unique methodology in application management. The unbelievable Machine Company *um,part of the Basefarm group, was named Innovator of The Year 2018 by German business magazine eins Wissen and Data Analytics For more information go to or follow us on LinkedInTwitter and our blogs.

In August 2018 Basefarm was acquired by the Orange Group, a leading global telecommunications operator, to reinforce the cloud expertise of its enterprise division Orange Business Services. For more information, go to or follow us on LinkedInTwitter and our blogs.