Basefarm is now AWS Public Sector Solution Provider and Authorized Government Reseller

Stockholm, December 13th, 2018:

Basefarm has been recognized as Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Solution Provider and Authorized Government Reseller. The new partner status means that Basefarm is officially authorized to both sell and manage AWS public cloud migrations and operations for public authorities and municipalities.

“We have helped many governmental institutions on their cloud journey, helping them to migrate applications and data to the cloud,” says Svein Johansen, Product Manager at Basefarm. “The new partner status officially authorizes us to help public sector customers with their AWS cloud transformations”.

As AWS establishes datacentres in Sweden, it attracts public authorities and municipalities that want to move data and applications to the cloud. At the same time, the public sector is heavily regulated and often involve sensitive and personal data. Therefore, it is important with flexibility to establish and run a cloud environment where data continuously can be stored and managed securely and according to current regulations. This will be facilitated as AWS has physical presence in the region. Another advantage of having AWS datacentres locally is that it will be easier to create low latency hybrid solutions, combining services in AWS datacentres and Basefarm’s datacentres in Stockholm and Oslo.

So far this year, AWS has released approximately 1500 new services, and new ones are constantly added. While the new services bring new opportunities, they could also affect IT operations as many services and applications affect each other. Here, Basefarm plays a crucial role for public sector organizations that are not able to, or chose not to, attract, keep and develop the necessary IT competence to manage the situation in-house.

By engaging Basefarm, these organizations will ensure that their critical applications and data will be optimized throughout the lifecycle utilizing our Flexible Cloud Operations Engagement Model leveraging consultative Guided Operations, 24/7 Frontline Operations and custom Platform Operations.

Basefarm is an Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS Public Sector Solution Provider and has developed deep expertise in AWS cloud while working with demanding customers in both commercial and public sector.

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