Basefarm is #1 Service Provider by Emerce100

As a new name it is an honour to stay on a list of best businesses, but winning the very same competition you just entered is even better!

Basefarm 5.5 stars Emerce100

As a new name it is an honour to stay on a list of best businesses, but winning the very same competition you just entered is even better! Each year the Dutch e-commerce platform Emerce publishes the best e-businesses. Basefarm got the highest score within its category and is distinctly proud of that.

Basefarm debuts in this 2018 edition of the Emerce100, making its first appearance since Emerce introduced the listing in 2005. Now we know it is not only a debut: Basefarm managed to get the highest score within the category ‘Hosting Shared & Managed’, jointly occupying first place with Dutch hosting provider Byte. Basefarm was awarded an average of 5.5 stars, scoring at least five out of a maximum of seven stars for each benchmark.

“ We, the entire team from Basefarm Netherlands, are very pleased with this nomination. It demonstrates that our clients are happy with the quality and the added value of the services we deliver, and this is  precisely what we strive for, every day…. And we are naturally also very happy that our efforts are publicly being acknowledged with this nomination”.

Chris Jansen, Country Manager Basefarm Netherlands

After Basefarm’s top placement in the Whitelane and PA Consulting’s IT Outsourcing Survey 2018, this is further evidence that Basefarm is doing the right things for its customers and will continue developing, managing and running IT solutions critical to the missions of its clients worldwide.

Read more about the Emerce100 here (Dutch):

If you are interested in ordering a physical copy of the Emerce100, you can do so here.

About Basefarm

The Basefarm Group is a European Managed Service Provider. We create market leaders by integrating the key competencies for digital transformation Big Data, cloud computing and information security into one service offering. Our delivery model covers everything from “idea to cable”: we provide strategic advice, implementation projects and infrastructure operations under one management and on any cloud. Founded in 2000 in the Nordics we are today a team of Europe’s top 500 engineers and advisors, working in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

About Emerce100

The Emerce100 is published every year and welcomes its 13th edition in 2018. This year’s publication consists of 632 businesses and shows how decision-makers – active in online marketing, ICT and e-business – rate the achievements of both e-businesses and marketing service providers.

More than a thousand respondents relevant within the industry completed the Emerce questionnaire, judging the company they were ranking in terms of four criteria: knowledge/know-how, value for money, reliability and flexibility. The achievements of all 632 companies were subjected to a critical look and were valued according to the renowned Emerce100 seven-point scale.