People in our hearts- IT in our minds
-How to become a great place to work.

Employee satisfaction is key

We have been working with employee satisfaction in order to improve as an employer for many years now. Since 2013 we do this in a structured way by using the methodology of Great Place to Work (GPW). The method focuses on Trust in Management, Pride in your work and the Relationship to your colleagues.

We have created a yearly GPW cycle in Basefarm, which ensures we are working in a structured and systematic way on the improvement of the employee satisfaction, by asking feedback, follow-up and keep communicating on what we are doing. It is the best way to build a continuous improvement culture. In all countries we aim at being great workplaces, and preferably among the best. For 2019 Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway are all certified – meaning that we are at a certain level that shows we are among the good ones.

“It’s our staff that makes the difference…
…The real power lays in the interaction between people, between different kinds of expertise, between ourselves and our customers.”

– Grethe Viksaas, founder of Basefarm

With the acquisition of the Unbelievable Machine Company (*um) in 2017 we welcome another organization with a strong track record in working with the Great Place to Work cycle to drive the organization towards continuous improvement.

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People in our hearts

In Basefarm we want people to feel part of the improvement of our workplace and that their feedback matters. People invest a lot of their time on giving their feedback, not only by filling in surveys, but also by discussing the outcome in workshops, defining what can be done by the teams and what needs to be done by the management. In return, the company needs to invest in following up on these feedback items.

Over the years we have had very high scores on satisfaction in all three areas (Trust in Management, Pride in work, Relationship to colleagues) and this actually says that the people working here really appreciate the investments made on important areas like informing, inspiring, hiring the right people, celebrating, being successful with customers, development and being appreciated for their work.

Best Workplace Award

To be awarded as one of the best workplaces in the Netherlands in 2018 and in Norway for 4 years in a row (2016 – 2019) indicates that we have done well on all three GPW-areas (Trust in Management, Pride in work, Relationship to colleagues). We use the same GPW cycle across all countries in the Basefarm and this is starting to pay out. The Unbelievable Machine Company has also been awarded Best workplace (ICT ) and Best workplace (Berlin, Brandenburg area) in 2017.

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Basefarm Milestones with Great Place to Work


19 – 03 – 20 Norway

For the 4th year in a row Norway is among top 10 – this year a significant climb up to number 7.
«I’m extremely happy and proud that Basefarm AS also in 2019 is on the list of Norway’s best workplaces, says Bjart Kvarme, Country Manager of Basefarm Norway. I would like to say a warm thank you to each and every one in our fantastic team for making this possible”.


18 – 11 – 27 Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands
We are happy to announce that we are re-certified according to Great Place to Work’s global standard – in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.
After a year of many changes, including change of owners, we are proud to learn that our results overall maintain stable and that our employees also this year find Basefarm a great place to work!

18-03-28 the Netherlands
Happy employees and a solid HR policy have brought us the title “Best Workplace 2018” in the Netherlands. What is our secret? The Swedish expression of “lagom” has something to do with it, alongside a systematic approach to keep improving our employee satisfaction. Read more.

18-03-21 Norway
We are honoured and proud to once again be among the top 10 in the Great Place to Work survey in Norway – category 200-499 employees.
– this proves that we have succeeded with one of our most important goals; to create a workplace where people thrive, says Country Manager in Norway, Bjart Kvarme.

18-03-07 Sweden
Basefarm Sweden Certified GPW
We are proud to announce that Basefarm Sweden now is a certified Great Place to Work! Thank you all amazing Basefarmers for your contribution and dedication – you rock! Stay tuned on our career site to not miss out on opportunities to jump on our journey.


17-11-20 Norway
We are very proud to be re-certified by Great Place to Work Norge.
In Basefarm we are working systematically with improvement – we want to be a place where it’s fun to work, where you can develop yourself and be part of a work environment you can be proud of.
We are incredibly grateful that our employees each year give their input to this improvement process – both through the GPTW survey and workshops, but also in other ways, says Hanne Svendsen, HR responsible for Basefarm Norway.

17-03-22 Norway
Proud to be in the top ten again in this years Great Place to Work survey.
– It means that we have succeeded in dealing with the company’s most important asset; our employees, says CEO Fredrik Ohlsen. Read more

2017 Germany
Great Place to Work again: *um is best employer in ICT sector.
Barely weeks after being crowned a winner at the regional competition “Best Employers in Berlin-Brandenburg 2017”, we can already celebrate the next award: Great Place to Work, BITKOM and Computerwoche have named us among the best employers in Germany within the information and communications technology sector. Read more

2017 Germany
Great Place to Work: *um is best employer in Berlin and Brandenburg.
The unbelievable Machine Company is a winner of the regional competition “Best Employers in Berlin-Brandenburg 2017” run by the independent institute Great Place to Work®. We have been honored in the category for medium-sized companies with 50–250 employees. Read more


24-02-2016 Norway
Proud to be in the top ten again in this years Great Place to Work survey.
– It means that we have succeeded in dealing with the company’s most important asset; our employees.