Basefarm Continues to Grow Across Europe

Press release:
 Increased demand for “from idea to cable” solutions covering big data, cloud computing and information security, from customers across Europe, driving growth.

London – 10 May 2018. Basefarm, a leading European Managed Service Provider, offering integrated key competencies for digital innovation – big data, cloud computing and information security in one service offering, continues to grow across Europe thanks to increased customer demand.

Following years of steady organic growth, Basefarm group’s sales jumped by over 33 percent in 2017 compared to 2016 (including sales from The unbelievable Machine Company for 2017) to 869 MNOK (approx. 78.5 million GBP). Number of staff increased by 15% to a total of 537 and the company recently opened a new office in Austria. Basefarm also added more than 45 new customers in 2017.

“We are increasingly meeting customers wanting more than someone hosting their mission critical IT solutions. They want “from idea to cable” services, meaning they want support right from the business idea generation phase, through to operation of applications.” said Fredrik Ohlsén, CEO of Basefarm. “Our customers are specialists in their fields, be it in travel, finance, automotive, public sector etc. They want us to look after their most mission critical data and applications, but they also want know-how and hands-on support in how to transform their data into solutions that will drive digital innovation for their business.”

Since the start in Norway in 2000, Basefarm has grown into one of the most trusted managed service companies in Europe. Today they’re operating eight data centres and, together with public cloud partners, they offer hybrid cloud solutions and advanced operations of mission critical applications for customers like Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, web based treasury platform NordkapYellowstar Solutions based in The Netherlands, offering IT for the social supply chain and Office Management, largest provider of total solutions for IT, communication and office space in the Nordic region. Their initial offering has expanded over the years to include more specialised professional services and offers in key areas like data security and privacy in relation to the management of mission critical applications.

With the purchase of leading German big data company “The unbelievable Machine Company – *um”, with clients like Deutsche Post DirektBMW Group, and the largest matchmaking agency in Germany, Parship, in the summer of 2017, Basefarm took an additional step into the wider European market. Today the group offers all areas of digital transformation and innovation in one integrated solution.

Data is the main driver for most businesses and organisations and the need for digital transformation and innovation cuts across private and public sector. This has led to a significant increase in demand for the one stop shop approach offered by Basefarm.

Their joined-up offer spans everything from helping customers define what is mission critical data and build and manage hybrid cloud solutions, to using big data to develop apps and solutions that can scale, while taking into account tougher security and privacy demands right from the start. These are areas where customers would previously have had to go to a number of different suppliers and consultancies for support and still have very qualified, specialist staff in-house. Instead Basefarm is now enabling its customers to focus on the strategic part of their own digital journey, allowing them to continuously take advantage of new business opportunities.

About Basefarm

Basefarm is a European Managed Service Provider. We create market leaders by integrating the key competencies for digital transformation – big data, cloud computing and information security, into one service offering. Our delivery model covers everything from ”idea to cable”; we provide strategic advice, implementation projects and infrastructure operations under one management and on any cloud. Basefarm was founded in 2000 and our team of 530+ top engineers and advisors are servicing global clients from our European offices and data centres in Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

Basefarm was top ranked in Whitelane’s IT Outsourcing study Nordics 2018 and was recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in the European Cloud Computing Market 2015 for our unique methodology in application management. The unbelievable Machine Company *um, part of the Basefarm group, was named Innovator of The Year 2018 by German business magazine eins Wissen and Data Analytics Leader by ISG Provider Lens Germany 2018.

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