Basefarm CEO named “IT-leader of the year”

CEO and co-founder of the Basefarm group, Grethe Viksaas, was named  “IT-leader of the year” by the Norwegian Computer Society at the Rosing awards.

CEO and co-founder of the Basefarm group, Grethe Viksaas, was named  “IT-leader of the year” by the Norwegian Computer Society at the Rosing awards.

The Rosing award is awarded to leaders who have achieved measurable sustainable growth, proven market knowledge and true customer insight.  Leaders who are awarded this prize are also recognized for their ability to help their co-workers and employees develop and succeed. For Viksaas both of these aspects are highly present in her day to day leadership.

Viksaas states that the award needs to be shared with the ones who everyday work to make Basefarm stronger and even more successful.

“We were eight people who started the company. However, since that day, every single one of our employees has made the company their own, and we have together brought Basefarm to the position we are in today. We don’t only depend on good leadership, but at least as much on good employeeship,” says Viksaas.

Grethe Viksaas has, as co-founder and CEO of the Basefarm group, established the company as a major Scandinavian player with clear ambitions to conquer Northern Europe. According to the Norwegian Computer Society her ability to combine tough leadership with a personal approach is one of the reasons why she has been able build Basefarm into the company it is today. This is also why she has been awarded the prestigious prize as “IT-leader of the year”.

Along with the award for IT-leader of the year, Viksaas this year has been named one of the 30 most important people for the development of the Norwegian IT-sector. She was also identified as one of the ten most significant IT-women in Norway in 2012.

The jury’s motivation:

“The winner of this year’s award has led a business through a growth phase over several years. The person has led the business from an early phase to a large business. The growth has mainly happened through organic growth. This has not been without growing paints or challenges, and the business has been through several strategic restructurings.

However, an annual revenue growth of more than 20 % year after year is a solid achievement.

We often see start-ups with active entrepreneurs that develop into promising firms. However it belongs to the exceptions that an entrepreneur continues in the role as CEO with a good results year after year. These are situations that require different qualities of a leader.

This year’s winner has nevertheless been extremely successful with this, and still sits as CEO after selling parts of the company three times. This means that she not only works well with her employees , but also that she successfully can make the owners happy.”